Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our First Day!

Today was our first day of school. We are excited to be second graders now!

We read the book "Have You Filled A Bucket Today? (A Guide to Daily Happiness For Kids)" by Carol McCloud. We learned that all of us have an invisible bucket that we carry around. When people say or do nice things, our bucket gets filled and we feel good. When people say or do mean things, they are being bucket dippers. We don't feel as good about ourselves when people do that. We are working on being bucket fillers this year. We are watching others in our class to notice when they are being bucket fillers. We each have our own buckets in our classroom.

We also read the book "Charlie's Checklist". It is the story about a puppy looking for an owner. Charlie comes up with a checklist of the "must haves" and "must bes" for his new owner. Some of the things Charlie wanted his new owner to have were enough room for him and six freckles on each cheek. He wanted his owner to be kind to animals and be under twelve years old. Charlie discovered that his friend, Chester, was the perfect owner for him.

After reading the story, we made a list of the things a good second grader "must have" or "must be".

"Star Second Grader" Checklist
Must be nice to other people.
Must be a good citizen.
Must be able to follow directions.
Must be a bucket filler.
Must listen to other people when they are talking.
Must be able to stay in line.
Must sit down and not move to other places.
Must listen to the teachers.
Must write your name on your paper.
Must stay in the right place when you're working.
Must go to the back of the line.
Must be on time.
Must pay attention.
Must do your homework.

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