Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Harvest Party

Wow, I haven't posted in way too long. Today we had our fall harvest party. We used vegetables to make these skeletons. I found this idea on Pinterest. They turned out really cute, and the kids had fun making them. The parents appreciated the healthy snack. Almost all of the vegetables were donated by parents which I appreciated very much!

We did have one "not as healthy" snack too. I found these cupcakes on Pinterest too. (Can you tell I love Pinterest??) The kids loved them.

Other than one of the boys having to leave 5 minutes before the party started to go get 4 staples in his head, it was a great day!

Red Ribbon Week
For the first time, our school had a door decorating contest for Red Ribbon Week. I found the idea for our door decoration here and knew I just had to do it. It turned out great! We will find out on Monday if our class had the winning door. I think we have a shot at first place!