Friday, February 18, 2011

Flat Stanley

Today we finished reading the book Flat Stanley in class. We really liked the book. We wonder what it would be like to be flat. To play some Flat Stanley games, click on the picture below.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mealworms and Pupas! Oh My!

Today we got our mealworms out again. We were excited to notice lots of changes. Last week, we all had mealworms (larva stage). This week about half of the mealworms turned into pupas! They look very different when they are in the pupa stage. They don't try to crawl off the plate when they are pupas either.


4 Mealworms and a Pupa

2 Pupas
(Mrs. Youngblut checked, and the plural of pupa can be pupas or pupae.)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How to Blog

Today we are going to practice typing on our blogs. The first thing we have to do is log into our account. The next thing we need to do is click on the new post button. Now we are ready to type. We can type what we want to say here. When we are done, we will give our blog a title. The last thing we will do is read over our blog to see if there are any mistakes. When our blog looks like we want it to, then we will click publish.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Very Special Guest

Today we had a special guest in our classroom. His name is Danny N. He is a member of the National Guard and is stationed in Afghanistan right now. He is home for a short time and will soon be going back. Our class sent him cards at Christmas, and he shared them with the other people that are stationed with him. He has emailed us pictures he has taken there too. It was nice to get to meet him.

We got to ask him lots of questions. Mrs. Maurer and Mrs. Youngblut were very proud of how well we did asking questions and not telling stories.

He showed us things he bought in Afghanistan. We liked the Pepsi can! He also had lots of jewelry that he bought for his wife. There was a really neat padlock too. We got to see a newspaper from there too.

Thank you Danny for helping keep our country and other countries safe!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Me on the Map

Today we finished our "Me on the Map" booklets. They turned out very well! On the first two pages, we drew a picture of what we think we look like. There is a pop-up Google map of our school in the picture too. The third page is a picture of our house. Page four has a small map of our town. We live in different towns, so we circled our town on the map. There is also a map of our state, Iowa, on page four. Page five has a picture of our country, the United States. Page six has a picture of our continent, North America. The last page has a picture of our world. Wow! We didn't know we lived so many places!

The Cover

We drew our house, glued a piece of our state map that has our town on it,
and colored our state.

Our Country

Our Continent/Our World

The following are the pictures the students drew of themselves. The map is a Google Map of our school. It pops out when you open the book.

Pizza Ranch

Last night we worked at Pizza Ranch to raise money for our field trip. The students had a great time clearing off the tables.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snowman Quilt

We made a paper snowman quilt in our class. The students had to figure out how to get all the pieces fit together on their white square piece of construction paper. It was a great problem solving activity!