Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Winter in Our Room!

We have a student teacher in our classroom for the next eight weeks. Her name is Mrs. Maurer. She is learning how to be a teacher.

We made paper snowflakes. We learned that we need to follow directions, or you might mess up. It was fun making them. They are hanging from the ceiling in our classroom.

Our awesome snowflakes!

We made a snowman glyph today. The number of body parts tells whether or not we like snow. The kind of eyes tells whether or not we have made snow ice cream. The length of the nose tells whether or not we have ever made a snowman. The mouth tells whether or not we have ever been snowmobiling. The arms tell if we like to wear gloves or mittens. The neckwear tells if we have ever been ice skating. The kind of hat tells which season is our favorite. The buttons tell how many winter activities we like to do.

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