Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Me on the Map

Today we finished our "Me on the Map" booklets. They turned out very well! On the first two pages, we drew a picture of what we think we look like. There is a pop-up Google map of our school in the picture too. The third page is a picture of our house. Page four has a small map of our town. We live in different towns, so we circled our town on the map. There is also a map of our state, Iowa, on page four. Page five has a picture of our country, the United States. Page six has a picture of our continent, North America. The last page has a picture of our world. Wow! We didn't know we lived so many places!

The Cover

We drew our house, glued a piece of our state map that has our town on it,
and colored our state.

Our Country

Our Continent/Our World

The following are the pictures the students drew of themselves. The map is a Google Map of our school. It pops out when you open the book.

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