Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Very Special Guest

Today we had a special guest in our classroom. His name is Danny N. He is a member of the National Guard and is stationed in Afghanistan right now. He is home for a short time and will soon be going back. Our class sent him cards at Christmas, and he shared them with the other people that are stationed with him. He has emailed us pictures he has taken there too. It was nice to get to meet him.

We got to ask him lots of questions. Mrs. Maurer and Mrs. Youngblut were very proud of how well we did asking questions and not telling stories.

He showed us things he bought in Afghanistan. We liked the Pepsi can! He also had lots of jewelry that he bought for his wife. There was a really neat padlock too. We got to see a newspaper from there too.

Thank you Danny for helping keep our country and other countries safe!


  1. Sounds like the kids had an interesting visitor. Shaelyn was excited to share about this experience. She agreed the pepsi can was her favorite!
    Chasity Rupe

  2. What an interesting idea! I also like the pepsi can!
    Teresa Garmon
    Shaeylyn Rupe